Summarising what we know about Jadon Sancho to Chelsea

Jadon Sancho to Chelsea is a topic which is probably discussed every single day on social media, with fans praying for the signing to occur. Due to this, rumours are made up, and people are believing just simply false information. In this article, I will try to just summarise what we know about the deal from the reliable reports.

First of all, there are no doubts that both Manchester United and Chelsea are heavily interested in the Dortmund player, with both clubs looking like they are favourites. At the moment, there is no clear indication as to which club in England he will head off to.

That’s even if he will leave. Earlier on in the season, there were clear reports that he WILL be leaving the German side this Summer, however recent reliable rumours have suggested that even though this is still likely to be the case, he is very happy at Dortmund and could stay.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 outbreak will only have added more problems to a very complicated deal, with clubs waiting to see what will happen with the transfer window, as well as realising their own transfer budgets. Also, the postponement of the Euros has meant that Dortmund have lost the opportunity to increase his price even more.

The finances in the deal is a sticky one. An incredible journalist in Fabrizio Romano recently said that Jadon Sancho would cost a minimum of £100 million. Moreover, recent reports came out that Jadon Sancho would eventually be looking for around £400,000 as wages, which shocked and threw off many Chelsea fans.

Unfortunately, Chelsea fans have to realise this was always going to be the reality. He was going to ask for a big wage – he’s the most talked about teenager in the world. He also won’t be receiving £400,000 a week from the get go, but it could be something possible in the future. Most Chelsea fans will assume that the £100 million asking price isn’t too much of a hassle for the club, and from what we know they would be correct. We have around £200 million from just the sales of Eden Hazard and Alvaro Morata, with many more sales to come this summer. However, like I said, the Corona-Virus pandamic could easily have changed the club’s thoughts and progress on the deal.

Romano also said that Manchester United are in contact with his agent. If I had to take a guess, I would think so are Chelsea’s too, so I would not worry about that too much. Agents would be talking all the time, especially as it’s such a heavy deal.

So, what’s the hold up, Paree? Obviously I don’t know all the details, I only know what all you know, but I think it’s just like every single complicated deal, in that they take time. We’re talking of a level of transfer which could change football in the Premier League, and timing wise it could easily be on the same frame as Hazard to Real Madrid, Gareth Bale to Real Madrid, Kylian Mbappe to PSG, and so on.

One thing to remember as shown by the recent signings of Ziyech, Pulisic and Kepa is that Chelsea are looking to do businesses in secret a lot more, and that signings could literally be announced a day after the news breaks out to the press. This certainly will give some hope to our fans.

To Summarise – Chelsea are interested in Jadon Sancho. Nothing has been agreed as of yet, with both clubs talking. He may not even leave this Summer, with the Corona-Virus only adding more complications.

Do you think he will come to Chelsea? Let us know @TheChelseaSpot!

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