Evaluating the Likelihood of Each Transfer Rumour

We’re approaching the transfer window, and as always, many transfer rumours are being made up every single day. In this article, I try and give a rating out of 10 on the CHANCE that the transfer will happen, in my opinion. This is a mix of what we know from the reliable journalists, what I think and have heard.

I should also mention that these possibilities are there are is the COVID-19 situation never occurred. This huge pandemic will certainly have affected many club’s asking prices and transfer budgets, but I’m not sure to how much extent especially for Chelsea, so I’m going to imagine as if everything is the same as before.


First of all, I think there’ll be a 6/10 chance we get a goalkeeper this Summer. Personally, I don’t think Lampard is a huge fan of Kepa and his goalkeeping abilities, and would prefer to have a replacement, but the board are not willing to let the club record’s signing leave after spending so much on the Spaniard. I suspect that we will bring in a goalkeeper who can challenge Kepa throughout the season, and almost not have a guaranteed number 1.

Onana Matt Law of the Telegraph reported yesterday that Ajax had put a 35 million pounds asking price on the Keeper, and that Chelsea were definitely interested in bringing him in. He certainly is a quality keeper and the price isn’t too high either. 6/10

Pope – A couple journalists have mentioned that Lampard likes the look of the English goalkeeper and would like to bring him to the club. However, we are not sure what the board feels and whether he would be willing to rotate. 5/10.


If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think we will be bringing in a Centre-Half this Summer. In January, I was very confident that one of Christensen and Rudiger would be leaving for Nathan Ake, and was surprised not to see the deal done. But, Andreas’ latest form and Antonio’s leadership abilities have given a reason for them to stay at the club, with Zouma and Tomori likely to stay. 4/10

Ake – Like I said, I was shocked to see the transfer not happen in the January transfer window. Matt Law said on Alex Goldberg’s podcast that even he was shocked, but later understood that the club were really pushing the deal with a buyback clause of £40 million being present but instead it was Lampard himself who wasn’t so keen. If we were to sign a defender, I think it would be the Dutch player, but I still can’t see it happening. 4/10

Gabriel – A French journalist reported that Chelsea were close to finalizing the deal with the Lille defender, however it is since understood that he is much closer to joining Everton, as reported by Sam Wallace of the Telegraph. It is likely that his agent was offering his client to clubs, or that Lille wanted to increase the price. 3/10

Upamecano – The Leipzig defender is certainly an impressive and young centre-back who has impressed many of the big clubs worldwide. However, looking at the rumours of him joining Chelsea, there has been no real substance and not many reliable reports, as the chance of him joining Arsenal increases. 2/10


This one is a bit more simple. Chelsea and Lampard are almost guaranteed to get a Left-Back, with Alonso and Emerson not convincing Frank enough, meaning he has had to play Azpilicueta out of position on the left, whose days are also soon coming to an end. Although Maatsen has signed a contract, I highly doubt Lampard will be ready to risk having an 18 year old as a backup option. 9/10

Telles – Recent reports by Nicolo Schira have certainly suggested that Chelsea are in advanced talks with Telles’ agent and that the transfer certainly could happen. Chelsea have looked at Telles for years and now and have been impressed by the Brazilian fullback. He certainly is a much cheaper option to Chilwell too. 7/10

Chilwell – The English fullback certainly is a player who Lampard wants, with Alonso and Emerson heavily underperforming, and with Azpilicueta’s days soon coming to an end. However, Leicester have slapped a huge asking price of £70 million and this definitely could throw off the Chelsea board. 6/10


I wrote an article a couple days ago on our midfield dilemma, and how Lampard will have to deal with ten midfielders in the squad. The Midfield is certainly the area where we need to improve the least, with some outstanding midfield players likely to be left on the bench. Like the Centre-Backs, I cannot see a midfielder arriving unless a couple do leave the squad. 4/10

Rice – This is a transfer I have heard a bit more about personally. From what I know, this story generated from Sky Sports is a lot of nonsense, especially the part linking Mount to it. I should first say that Mason has no involvement in Rice coming to Chelsea, whatever you may think. I was also told a year ago by a close source that it is very unlikely Rice would ever come back to Chelsea, with the disappointment of being released still being there. Especially if Ampadu is going to stay, I cannot see this deal happening. 2/10

Soumare – This is a very interesting one. Matt Law and other journalists have reported that we are interested in the defensive midfielder, and what is even more convincing is Lampard’s quote during a press conference saying that the deal was not going to happen in January, but instead possibly in another window. 4/10

“I’m aware of him as a player, but he is not on our radar for this window.


A winger entering the club is very likely. Both Pedro and Willian’s contracts are running out this Summer, with Pedro’s likely to be terminated and Willian not being given a three year deal. This leaves us with Hudson-Odoi and Pulisic as our only wingers, with Ziyech and Mount as backup options. Again, like the Left-Back, it’s looking extremely possible. 9/10

Sancho – This player is probably the reason why you’ve clicked on this article in the first place. No, I don’t know anything on the Dortmund winger to Chelsea, other than what I summarised in my article written a couple weeks ago which you can find HERE. There is no doubt that Sancho is the club’s top priority, but the fact that it is such a complicated deal and with Manchester United also very interested, it may not look as likely as you may have thought. 4/10 (4/10 chance he joins Chelsea, 4/10 chance he joins United, 2/10 chance he stays at Dortmund – IMO)

Boga – The Ivorian winger has certainly impressed in the Serie A, leaving many Chelsea fans pondered as to why he was let go by the club. Luckily, Chelsea had implanted the buyback clause in his contract, and it has been reported that we have a good relationship with Sassuolo. If we do miss out on Sancho, Boga could be the perfect replacement and squad player, especially financially. 5/10

Coutinho – This is another player who has split the Chelsea fanbase, and it has also been hard to understand whether this is mainly agent talk or whether there is genuine interest from the Blues. The Chelsea Spot understand that there are talks going on with Phillipe’s agent, however it is unknown to what extent. I suspect that this deal probably won’t happen with Ziyech arriving in the Summer and them being too similar. 3/10


A striker is probably our third priority, after a fullback and a winger. Tammy Abraham will most likely sign a contract in the Summer, leaving behind Giroud and Batshauyi. Giroud’s contract extension is being discussed at the moment, despite him agreeing terms with Inter Milan in January. Batshuayi has been forced out of the squad recently, shown even more with Armando Broja being on the bench against Everton instead of Michy. A striker is looking likely but not necessarily required. 8/10

Dembele – There was reportedly a lot of interest with the French striker in January, with us supposedly putting in some bids for Dembele. I would not be surprised if we did sign him, as we have looked at Moussa for a couple of years and tracked his progress from Fulham to Celtic to Lyon. He certainly would provide great support to Abraham, but the question is whether he would be happy to be on the bench and rotating more often that not. 6/10

Werner – Timo Werner is another player who Chelsea are looking at, with there being interest. However, it is looking more likely that the quick and agile player will be joining Liverpool instead, with Chelsea not really getting into proper talks with the RB Leipzig forward as of yet. 3/10

Those are the transfer rumours rated on likelihood… Do you agree with them? Let us know on our social media platforms and make sure to tag us!

Written by Paree

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