The Chelsea Chatterbox is a classic collection of pearls of wit and wisdom from the movers and shakers of London’s finest football club. From the 1955 League title and the glamour days of the 1970s to the Premier League and Champions League triumphs of the Roman Abramovich era, this series will be looking at more than 100 quotes from over the years. It will feature the words of many important figures from Chelsea’s history, like Peter Osgood, Dennis Wise, Ken Bates, John Terry, Antonio Conte and, of course, the current Head Coach of the club, Frank Lampard, who, just like dozens of other heroes, is Blue through and through.

  • “I didn’t get that worked-up in the dressing room. Instead, I used to read the programme to see who I had to kick that week.” – Ron “Chopper” Harris

The man who invented football violence. With 795 appearances, Ronald Edward Harris is undoubtedly one of the club’s greatest servant and captain. He was widely regarded as one of the toughest defenders of his era- hence the nickname “Chopper”.
1971 saw Harris lift Chelsea’s first major European trophy, the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, against Real Madrid in Athens. He left the club in 1980, but his legacy will remain forever…and a record unlikely to ever be surpassed.

He wasn’t given the nickname by accident

In the 1999/2000 season Chelsea had 6 Italian players named in the first team squad. Three of them enjoyed great success both as players and as part of the coaching staff with the club: Gianfranco Zola, Gianluca Vialli and Roberto Di Matteo. However, Frank Leboeuf was convinced, that..

  • “…the best Italian this club has signed is the chef.”

Got to love the honesty.

Source: Chelsea FC

“The call me ‘The Radio’ because I talk. I love talking. I can’t help it. It’s a family problem. My wife speaks a lot. My father’s always talking. Sometimes at home we need to do a time-out, like in basketball, to stop everybody from talking.” – Gus Poyet, May 2000

Source: Betfair

You can find a lot of similarities between John Terry and Chopper Harris. Greatest and most influential captains, reckless defenders, rock-hard leaders and a combined of 1512 appearances for the club.

  • “I’m sure John Terry has got a hell of a future. The only difference between him and me is that, when I tackled, they didn’t get up.” – The fitting words of Ron Harris about a young JT
Source: Chelsea FC

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