Podcast: Interview with former FIFA referee Keith Hackett!

One of our best guests yet….

In another episode of The Chelsea Spot podcast, Orlando (Host – @0rland1nho) is joined by special guest, former FIFA and FA Cup Final referee, Keith Hackett to discuss some fascinating tales from his time as a referee, being a trailblazer in implementing new technology as PGMOL boss, VAR, the current handball rule, Mike Dean & Anthony Taylor, and much more! The timestamps for the podcast are below.

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Memories of Chelsea – 2.07

How and why did Keith start refereeing? The story of how his career developed. – 11.25

Being assessed – 17.53

Funny story about his first game at Anfield – 21.15

Refereeing the FA Cup semi-final at Hillsborough, the stadium of the club he supports – 24.05

Refereeing the 100th ever FA Cup Final – 26.52

Being a guest referee in the North American Soccer League – some incredibly fascinating tales in here! – 28.30

His awkward run-in with Carlos Alberto – 31.30

Does he see refereeing the FA Cup final as the pinnacle of his career? – 32.25

Most amazing stadiums and atmospheres he’s reffed in – 34.15

Refereeing in Poland in the midst of a revolution – 34.45

Refereeing on the night the Berlin Wall fell, remarkable – 38.40

Refereeing at the 1988 Olympics – 42.28

Differences between PL refereeing in his time and nowadays – 44.45

Being the man in the middle and his role as boss of the PGMOL – what technological advances did he introduce? – 46.02

Reffing by law vs reffing with common sense – 56.00

Tips for young referees – 58.10

Refereeing ‘The Battle of Old Trafford’ (21 man brawl) – 70.50

VAR and its implementation – 75.41

The current handball rule – what is going on?! – 89.18

Keith’s experience of a mid-season law change – 98.33

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