Podcast: European Super League Special…

Utter madness…

In another episode of The Chelsea Spot Podcast, Orlando (Host – @0rland1nho), Parth (Owner – @CFCParee), Dan (Admin – @danbarkzr) & Gabs (Guest – @Waju_) discuss the possible introduction of the Super League in heavy detail. Talking about whether Chelsea can take much blame, potential corruption, whether we will be supporting the club in the same way, how much of the talk is political and so much more! The first minute includes a small clip from Danny too!

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  1. […] It was reported that we were the first club to leave the European Super League, just two days after ‘verbally agreeing’ to joining the breakaway competition consisting of the ‘best’ 20 teams in Europe as a replacement for the Champions League. Although it probably wasn’t as a consequence of this, a few hours before the exit was announced to the media, there was a large protest outside Stamford Bridge consisting of thousands of fans from multiple Premier League clubs to show their frustration at the boards of these clubs. I’m not going to go into detail about the ESL since we recorded a huge one hour episode on the whole situation, which you can listen here. […]


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