Podcast: A Cobham overview with Ryan Baldi!

All things Agency with Chelsea Agent Harry Hayden! The Chelsea Spot Podcast

  1. All things Agency with Chelsea Agent Harry Hayden!
  2. International Roundup & Tudor Mendel-Idowu's Departure!

First of all – sorry. A huge sorry to all our listeners who expect us to produce regularly – not recording in 3 weeks is not good enough. Hopefully, we’re back running with things after some extremely busy times for everyone as Orlando explains in the intro, but we hope to make evens by providing you with some brilliant guests starting off with this one!

In another episode of The Chelsea Spot Podcast, Orlando (Host – @0rland1nho) is joined by BBC Sport writer and author of ‘The Dream Factory: Inside the Make-or-Break World of Football’s academies’ Ryan (Guest – @RyanBaldiFW) where they discussed Chelsea’s scouting and player development, the perfect balance between development and first team pathway, Chelsea’s academy exodus in the Summer and so much more!

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