Podcast: Chelsea Academy 2022/23 Preview

NOW WE ARE TALKING! | Chelsea 2-0 Dortmund Review The Chelsea Spot Podcast

  1. NOW WE ARE TALKING! | Chelsea 2-0 Dortmund Review
  2. Scared, Potter?

In our latest episode of The Chelsea Spot Podcast, Paree (Owner – @CFCParee) was joined by Aleksander (Guest – @alelcsander) to discuss all things academy. The boys talked about last season, the new head coach appointment, the players to look out for the in the U23s and U18s as well as the players out on loan! We went into a lot of detail so if you’re interested in the academy, it’s the perfect listen. FYI: This episode was recorded on 27/07/2022. By the time this episode has been released, some of the situations for the players may have changed. 

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