Frank Lampard’s Time With Chelsea Shouldn’t Be Viewed As A Complete Failure

When Frank Lampard became the manager of Chelsea FC in the summer of 2019, many didn’t know what to expect. Coming off his first full season as manager for Derby County in the EFL Championship, his side finished short of being promoted back to the English Premier League. They lost 2-1 versus Aston Villa in... Continue Reading →

Chelsea 2-0 Burnley Match Report

Playing against another team known to sit deep and defend compact, Chelsea's second game under Thomas Tuchel would provide interesting insight on how the new manager would fair against such sides in the league. In the last game against Wolves, the Blues failed to score a goal, settling for a 0-0 draw. In what seemed... Continue Reading →

Chelsea Interview with Mark Worrall

Jerry Mancini spoke to Mark Worrall, author and publisher for Chelsea FC related books. He has written books such as Chelsea Here Chelsea There, ‘Blue Murder: ‘Chelsea Till I Die’ and Chelsea Football Fanzine. How would you rate Frank Lampard’s first season with Chelsea? Additionally, why is Lampard struggling to coach defense? “A very solid... Continue Reading →

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