Podcast: Chelsea 2-2 Spurs Review & Transfer Update inc. Hudson-Odoi!

NOW WE ARE TALKING! | Chelsea 2-0 Dortmund Review The Chelsea Spot Podcast

  1. NOW WE ARE TALKING! | Chelsea 2-0 Dortmund Review
  2. Scared, Potter?

In our latest episode of The Chelsea Spot Podcast, Paree (Owner – @CFCParee) was joined by Dan (Admin – @danbarkzr_) & Sairam (Writer – @ftblsairam) to discuss the second version of the Battle of the Bridge, as well as the latest transfer news. From a potential boxing card between Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte, to what we have heard on the likes of Zaha, Anthony Gordon, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Armando Broja and a lot more!

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Podcast: Chelsea and Tuchel make a DREADFUL decision…

NOW WE ARE TALKING! | Chelsea 2-0 Dortmund Review The Chelsea Spot Podcast

  1. NOW WE ARE TALKING! | Chelsea 2-0 Dortmund Review
  2. Scared, Potter?

In our latest episode of The Chelsea Spot Podcast, Paree (Owner – @CFCParee) was joined by Danny (Writer – @danny_new_) to discuss the very disappointing decision of sending Harvey Vale, Tino Anjorin & Billy Gilmour to the U-21s, the massive centre-half dilemma and the striker situation after Broja’s departure to West Ham!

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Podcast: Chelsea 2-0 Fulham Review & Real Madrid Preview!

NOW WE ARE TALKING! | Chelsea 2-0 Dortmund Review The Chelsea Spot Podcast

  1. NOW WE ARE TALKING! | Chelsea 2-0 Dortmund Review
  2. Scared, Potter?
Who are your 5 penalty takers?

In another episode of The Chelsea Spot Podcast, Orlando (Host – @0rland1nho), Paree (Owner – @CFCParee) and Dan (Admin – @danbarkzr) discuss the game against Fulham and look ahead to Real Madrid midweek. Talking about Hudson-Odoi’s embarrasing treatment, Billy Gilmour’s performance, Thomas Tuchel’s in game management, the front three against Real Madrid and so much more!

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Podcast: Chelsea 2-1 Sheffield United Review & Barnsley Preview!

Will Billy Gilmour start tomorrow?

In another episode of The Chelsea Spot Podcast, Orlando (Host – @0rland1nho) and Michael (Writer – @MNazarian10) discussed the victory against Sheffield United, why Ben Chilwell is struggling, why Timo Werner has improved his game, the upcoming game against Barnsley in the FA Cup and so much more!

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Podcast: Chelsea 4-0 Morecambe Match Review!

A game which should help for confidence ahead of Fulham…

In another episode of The Chelsea Spot Podcast, Orlando (Host – @0rland1nho), Dan (Admin – @danbarkzr) and Danny (Writer – @danny_new_) discuss Chelsea’s comfortable FA cup victory over Morecambe. Talking about there being no academy kids involved, Hudson-Odoi and Gilmour impressing, the confidence for Werner and Havertz and will Tomori ever play in a Chelsea shirt again?

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Podcast: Chelsea 1-1 Aston Villa Match Review!

Everyone needs to calm down a little bit… Lampard IN!

In another episode of The Chelsea Spot Podcast, Orlando (Host – @0rland1nho) and Dan (Admin – @danbarkzr) discuss Chelsea’s draw to Aston Villa, including Tammy Abraham vs Olivier Giroud, a potential loan for Billy Gilmour, an exceptional performance from Callum Hudson-Odoi, Lampard IN, player ratings and so much more!

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Gilmour and Anjorin can offer us a lot in the next few months…

Yesterday’s game certainly is going to back up a lot of what I’m about to say.

Last night’s challenge against Rennes clearly highlighted the problems we have in midfield. To an average Chelsea fan, or a supporter of another club, many would see the abudance in midfield and question me heavily as to why I’m complaining. After all, we did spend £100 million on Jorginho and Kovacic, the best part of another hundred on Kai Havertz and sent Loftus-Cheek and Barkley out on loan. However, the problem is that with the new way we’re playing, Jorginho and Kovacic are going to struggle.

A topic which has been widely discussed so far this season is the different formations we’ve used – mainly 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1. With the 4-3-3, we currently only have two ‘proper’ number 8s in Mason Mount and Kai Havertz, and with the 4-2-3-1 we are lacking a player who can play next to Kante, as none of the midfield partnerships in a midfield pivot are working at the moment.

Mateo Kovacic has played as a number 8 in the last few games, and has impressed, but he still is learning a lot about the position and it isn’t his natural place to be on the pitch. For Jorginho, as much as I love the man, I think it’s very clear that he doesn’t fit in this system and when he plays we are extremely weak defensively. I mean, just have a look at this…


This, is where I feel Billy Gilmour will help the team so much, and potentially Tino Anjorin too. However, this article may surprise a few people who haven’t watched Gilmour as much, especially when talking about the 4-3-3. Let’s get into it!

Gilmour in the 4-2-3-1

I think the first thing to mention with the Scottish midfielder is that he is just returning from a bad injury, and that it will take him time to get back to his best. He has played for the development squad in the last two weeks, where he looks close to full match fitness and also scored a screamer from the edge of the box against Manchester City. It hopefully shouldn’t take him too long to get to full sharpness, but it’s just something to keep in mind.

A screamer from Billy Gilmour a few days ago…

A lot of last season, and even this season, we have tried to find our best midfield pivot in a 4-2-3-1. And the matter of the fact is that we still haven’t, because they’re all pretty bad. A Kante-Jorginho midfield is very slow, a Kante-Kovacic midfield is not offensive enough and a Jorginho-Kovacic may look aesthetically pleasing, but as I showed above, that type of defending happens many times a game which often goes missed.

Could Gilmour be the perfect person to play next to Kante with Havertz in front? I certainly think so. Billy offers so much on and off the ball, as he holds an exquisite passing range and is very sound defensively. Everyone knows about his passing abilities, both short and long, and some of his best defensive work came against Liverpool in the FA Cup last season where he got stuck in and was able to keep up with forwards such as Mane who were running in behind – something which Jorginho would see but not be able to catch up, and which Kovacic would be quick enough to run but would simply stare at oppositions midfielders running past him. One of Billy’s underrated qualities is definitely his dribbling, something which I will talk about next when discussing his role in the 4-3-3.

This is the incredible piece of defending I am talking about…

Sounds great then. Havertz as the 10 would be able to drop deep and link the play between the midfield and attack; Gilmour could play slightly just ahead of Kante who can sit deep and still have the reassurance that if he wanted to go forward, there would be someone who would be able to temporarily defend.

Gilmour in the 4-3-3

Having said all that, it’s been pretty clear so far this season that Frank is pushing towards the 4-3-3 when all our players are fit. As I said before, this is where most people who haven’t watched Gilmour as much will be surprised.

Last season when Gilmour featured towards the end of the season, he was playing instead of Kante, in the deeper number 6 role. Don’t get me wrong, he can do a very good job there as we saw, and he would be the backup option for Kante until we get Declan Rice either in January or the Summer. But I actually think the best place for him in this system would be playing as number 8, slightly ahead of a sitting midfielder.

When he played in the academy, he was almost always playing as an 8. Most of the time it was George Mceachran who was sitting the deepest, a player quite similar to Jorginho in terms of their style, and Billy in front, with someone like Tino Anjorin or Conor Gallagher to the other side. As an 8 I think he’s got it all – passing, running, dribbling, an eye for goal around the box and most importantly he’s an aggressive player off the ball despite his physique.

Like I said before, at the moment we really only have two natural number 8’s, them being Kai Havertz and Mason Mount. Chelsea have an extremely tight schedule coming up and both players will be needing rest, so Gilmour would be the best player to come in for them.

The last thing to say about the 19 year old is that we have brought in world class players, and they are only going to make him better. He’s going to have one of the world’s best centre-backs in the last two decades behind him telling him where to be and what to do, a generational young talent right next to him, some utterly disgusting pace in front of him as well as a magician. We genuinely could see some huge developments in this game this season making him one of the best young players in the world, I’m sure of it.

Tino Anjorin

I wouldn’t expect Anjorin to feature heavily soon for the first team, but he’s certainly one who we could see on the bench for a couple games, especially having already qualified for the Champions League knockout stages. Tino has been playing for the development squad this season after returning from an injury, and he’s almost back to his very best. I said at the beginning of the year that he was going to be too good for the U23’s, and he hasn’t proven me wrong. Even against men, he looked the most comfortable on the pitch, scoring a brace against League One team Bristol Rovers in the EFL Trophy (or the Papa John’s trophy – whatever you prefer). He definitely needs a challenge, whether that is with the first team or out on loan, because it’s too easy for him at the moment.

For me, his chance is just lurking around the corner. I’m not sure what is happening with the COVID bubbles and whether he’s actually allowed to play with the first team, but if he is, I can see him getting a shot very soon. He trained a lot with the big boys towards the end of last season and if it wasn’t for his injury during Project Restart he almost definitely would have featured. He also received many loan offers in the Summer, but wanted to stay and make himself available to Lampard, and I would assume one main reason behind that was seeing the departures of Loftus-Cheek and Barkley.

In the whole of the club, he is definitely the next most natural 8 after Kai and Mason. Not only that, he can easily play at the 10, fitting the gaffer’s formations perfectly and potentially making him a great asset in the future. We don’t really have someone like him in the main squad, although it could be argued that he has a few similarities to Havertz – they both play in similar positions, have a great eye for goal and are extremely clinical. The main difference between the two is quite obviously their physical status, with Anjorin being one of the strongest guys around, yet still being quick (don’t get me wrong, Kai is still extremely fast.)

Anjorin is more of a bogey player and one to keep an eye out for, as I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets promoted to the first team camp allowing him to feature for the first team, or if a loan deal gets agreed to a Championship or European team.

Do you agree with the idea of Gilmour playing as an 8 and Anjorin possibly featuring for the first team? Make sure to let us know on our social media platforms and my own personal account!

Written by Paree

Pat Nevin – EXCLUSIVE interview with Chelsea legend! [Podcast]

What a man.

In the best episode yet of The Chelsea Spot Podcast, we got the wonderful opportunity to interview Chelsea legend Pat Nevin. A big thank you to Pat of course for taking his time out to talk to us, and also our hosts Dan (@danbarkzr), Orlando (@0rland1nho) and Jordan especially as he was the one who organised this episode (@brighty160), as well as our producer (@ACParee).

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If you don’t have time to listen to the whole podcast now, you can read some of the best quotes from it here.

Pat talks about the best opponents he played with and against while playing for Chelsea, playing international football vs Maradona, Black Lives Matter, hanging out with Pele, Billy Gilmour, Frank Lampard, Virgil Van Dijk, and so so much more! Have a look down below for exact timestamps on the most exciting topics!

#TheChelseaSpot | #Chelsea | #CFC


Players Pat has played against – 4.50

Racism in football/Black Lives Matter – 10.18

How good can Billy Gilmour be, in comparison with Jorginho? – 16.30

Why is Frank Lampard different from most managers? – 20.30

How is the philosophy of Chelsea changing at the moment? – 24.04

How and why do different players have different paths? – 29.29

Coaching vs Punditry, why? – 33.09

Pat explains his secret DJ’ing career! – 36.07

Chelsea Player of the Season? – 39.17

Why is Pat a Chelsea fan? How have football fans changed since Pat’s playing days? – 42.40

What is Pat’s favourite Chelsea chant? – 46.29

What are Pat’s thoughts on the new signings coming in this season, and how might they affect the academy players? – 47.25

How is it working in and around the club nowadays? – 53.29

Which youngsters from the academy are Pat looking forward to seeing play for the first team in the future? – 56.13

Quiz on Pat’s career! – 1.01.32


Ranking Chelsea’s 20/21 squad from ‘Star Player’ to ‘Must Be Sold!’

Chelsea have already confirmed the signings of Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech and are expected to have a busy transfer window with the club looking to offload a number of squad players.

But where do the new signings rank amongst the squad? Who should be starting every week? Who needs to be sold?

Well, here’s my rankings from “Star player” down to “Must be sold”

Tier List made via tiermaker.com

As you can see, the list is quite ‘bottom heavy’ with a large number of players thrown into the must be sold category. The likes of Bakayoko, Batshuayi and Pedro feature as they look destined to be moved on by the club and I doubt many Chelsea fans would disagree. There are, however, some admittedly controversial picks in this tier.

Jorginho is a player who has drastically divided the fanbase ever since he signed for the club in 2018. Since the restart, Jorginho has been out-of-favour and Chelsea managed to win four out of the five league games in which the Italian midfielder didn’t start, scoring an impressive 12 goals in the process. Due to injuries to both N’Golo Kanté and Billy Gilmour, Lampard was forced to hand Jorginho his first start against Sheffield United and The Blues were thumped 3-0 with many describing the performance as the “worst of the season” and Jorginho faced the brunt of the criticism due to a lacklustre display. Despite beating Norwich 1-0, Chelsea put in another fairly disappointing display which lacked urgency, tempo and attacking quality. Yet again, Jorginho started this game and for me, he’s a big part of the problem.

I personally don’t dislike Antonio Rudiger as much as most Chelsea fans seem to. I think he does offer some leadership and certainly has a physical presence which most of his peers lack, however if I’m being completely honest (and harsh) he simply cannot defend.

Image Source: Chelsea-News.co
He’s a central defender… who can’t defend!

So, not only do I think Rudiger should be moved on but I also believe his calamitous partner Andreas Christensen has had more than enough chances at the club. These two are an actual comedy spectacle when they line up next to each other and while Andreas is still young and could improve, I just don’t think he’s suited to be a Premier League centre-half. Although he’s welcome to prove me wrong!

Finally from the bottom tier, Kepa has to be sold. I’ve never witnessed a goalkeeper at the top level struggle to stop shots so badly. The club are reportedly interested in Jan Oblak and Andre Onana, both of whom would massively improve our squad, so Arrizabalaga has to go.

Just as a caveat, Willian has been included in the ‘must be sold’ category solely based on his contract situation, otherwise I’d be happy for him to stick around for a year as a squad player.

The boys in the ‘loan’ list are fairly self explanatory. The teenage lads from the academy could do with a season on loan in the Championship or even League 1 to get acclimated with senior football. I’ve chucked Kenedy in there too just because I think he’s hugely underrated so I’d like the club to keep him on the books, but it looks likely that he’ll be leaving on a permanent basis.

Image Source: Sportskeeda

The squad players section was fairly easy for me. Not all 23 first-teamers can be ‘world class’ (unless you’re Manchester City) so we need a solid bench consisting of players who can come into the squad when needed and make an impact. Players who “offer something different” are key throughout a squad and the likes of Olivier Giroud, Ross Barkley and Marcos Alonso all tick that box. Giroud has proven his value since the restart and is still a goal threat, while Barkley has actually impressed at times throughout the season and by all accounts works extremely hard to improve himself. The reason I’d keep Alonso around is because he gives us the option to switch to a three-at-the-back system whereas Emerson, for me, just offers very little.

There’s absolutely no reason why both Billy Gilmour and Tammy Abraham cannot be starters next season. They both have the quality as they have proven already, but due the signing of Timo Werner and Lampard moving Kanté into a deeper role, I think that they may not be nailed on to start week-in week-out next year but both will certainly play a crucial role in the long-term.

The regular starters that I’ve selected are a perfect blend of youth and experience in my opinion. Azpilicueta has proven to still be a quality captain and player throughout the season and I believe that Frank Lampard is a big fan of the spaniard, Reece James is also battling for the same position though and deserves to be a starter so we may see ‘Dave’ continue to feature as a left-back. However, if we do sign Tagliafico, Telles, Chilwell or whoever it may be then that could knock one of Azpilicueta or James down a tier.

It’s pretty much impossible to fit all of Kovacic, Mount and Loftus-Cheek into one starting eleven but all three players offer different skill sets which are incredibly valuable to this Chelsea side. Mason Mount has been the club’s player of the season for me, his quality both on and off the ball is outstanding and to have contributed so much in his debut Premier League season is hugely impressive. He’s absolutely key to Frank’s system and therefore should and will start the majority of games next season wether we sign Havertz or not.

Image Source: 90min

I honestly believe that a fully fit Ruben Loftus-Cheek is one of the best players in the Premier League. He’s the definition of ‘complete midfielder’ and can offer both a goal threat and be a creative outlet. His physical strength combined with immense technical ability when in full flight makes him a defender’s nightmare and if he can get back to his best next season then he has to be a starter.

Fikayo Tomori and Callum Hudson-Odoi have both suffered injury problems as of late but are two of England’s brightest talents. Zouma and Tomori’s partnership in the first half of the season was far from perfect but was certainly the most encouraging central defensive set-up we’ve seen. Chelsea fans rightly love Hudson-Odoi and despite all of his off-the-pitch issues this season he has the quality to set the standard for young Premier League players next season.

Werner, Ziyech, Pulisic, Kantè. Is that the best “big four” since the Warriors lined up with Curry, Thompson, Draymond and KD?

Edit by @AAZChelsea

Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech are nailed on to be top, top players next season for Chelsea. They’re two of the most dynamic and exciting players in the Premier League and will improve Chelsea’s already strong attack ten-fold. Christian Pulisic’s form since the restart has all Blues fans convinced that he’s the real deal, adding goals to his game and beginning to remind fans of a certain Eden Hazard due to his immense dribbling ability. N’Golo Kanté’s inclusion as a star player needs no justification, despite injury issues this year he’s clearly a world class player who would start for any and every team in Europe.

So, that’s my personal ranking of next season’s Chelsea squad. Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know @TheChelseaSpot

*I (stupidly) forgot to include Ethan Ampadu in this tier list. Personally I’d like to see him as a squad player next season but he could benefit from another loan.

Jorginho: A Master of his Role but Surplus to Requirements

Chelsea signed Jorginho Frello from Napoli, along with Maurizio Sarri, in the summer of 2018. Having delved deep into their pockets to fork out over £50M he was destined to become a key asset for the club and so he has been a regular starter since his arrival. Despite this, no player has ever divided the Chelsea fanbase more than the Brazil-born midfielder, so I’m going to give my honest and balanced opinion in this article.

Jorginho is surplus to requirements.

Immediately after reading that headline I’m aware that some of the readers may strongly disagree, and may have even left this page in order to write a strongly worded tweet. That’s fine. Opinions do make football after all. It is my opinion that Jorginho is surplus to requirements at Chelsea, however that doesn’t mean I think he’s a bad footballer.

Image Source – Premier League


A section of Chelsea fans on Jorginho

I strongly agree with the case that Jorginho is a ‘misunderstood’ player – his ability to perform in a particular, fairly one-dimensional role is second to none. He has made the ‘regista’ position his own and I can not deny that in a system that is built to utilise this role, while papering over his flaws, Jorginho can be an immense footballer.

The Italian international did fail to register a single assist in last season’s Premier League campaign and that stat is often used as a stick to beat Jorginho. Personally, I don’t care about his assist records because that’s not his job – he’s being unfairly compared to the great Cesc Fàbregas. At times he can show a fantastic level of vision, for example the brilliant assist to set-up Tammy Abraham’s goal against Watford. However, some Chelsea fans would argue that Jorginho tries that pass every game without it coming off. I can appreciate his skillset and qualities, but I don’t think his range of ability is wide enough which means he severely lacks the versatility required to succeed long-term. Unfortunately, I’m not convinced he’s suited (or good enough) for the future of Chelsea Football Club under Frank Lampard.

Image Source – We Ain’t Got No History

For me, Chelsea may need a more traditional and robust player in the heart of midfield. I won’t discuss possible options for this role, as that’s a totally different article *cough* Ethan Ampadu *cough*. Lampard’s men have clearly faltered defensively this season and the blame cannot be pinned onto one player, so I’m not trying to scapegoat Jorginho, however I’m of the belief that much of these frailties stem from central midfield.

“Your defensive midfielder needs to be able to run. Jorginho can not run”

The Chelsea Spot admin and writer Orlando on Jorginho. (@0rland1nho)

Numbers don’t lie, and I’m aware Jorginho’s defensive figures on the surface look impressive. His tackles and interceptions are amongst the highest in the league – that’s a fact so I won’t argue against it. However, having watched every single Chelsea game this season and last, I can’t help but notice that Jorginho is actually a burden to whichever defensive pairing sits behind him. He lacks the pace to recover once the ball is played beyond him or when he gets dribbled past – often leaving the defence exposed. I’m not claiming our centre-backs are blameless themselves either, but having a solid shield in front of them would only benefit the team, especially considering we have a fairly young roster of central defenders – with Antonio Rudiger the most senior at the club despite barely yet reaching his prime years.

The emergence of Billy Gilmour could seal Jorginho’s fate

Now I’m going to contradict myself. I think Billy Gilmour is a phenomenal option for Chelsea in central midfield – despite not being the ‘robust’ player I just claimed we needed. Football isn’t linear, it can be successful in a million different systems, so utilising a deep-lying playmaker like Jorginho can be advantageous. I don’t think using the role of a ‘regista’ is particularly problematic but it can become an issue when the player in question, in this case Jorginho, highly lacks adaptability. I genuinely believe that Billy Gilmour is already a more multi-faceted player than Jorginho and therefore if Frank Lampard intends to play with a deep-playmaker then the young Scotsman is the future.

Image Source – Football.London

“There is not a single footballing aspect that Jorginho is better than Billy Gilmour at”

The Chelsea Spot admin and writer Orlando (@0rland1nho)

I’ve gauged the opinions of a few of my colleagues from The Chelsea Spot (see the above quotes) and I wholeheartedly agree with Orlando. Gilmour offers a much more wide and diverse range of passing, he’s able to find the final ball more consistently than Jorginho and seemingly looks to advance possession through the thirds with the ball at his feet much more often. The 18-year-old also possesses much greater pace and dribbling ability, which allows him to recover defensively as well as float past incoming challenges while he’s on the ball – something Jorginho simply cannot do. Gilmour also is certainly not afraid of getting in the thick of it and going up for headers, despite only being 5’6”, as seen when he won two out of two aerial duels against Liverpool in the FA Cup. Although the Chelsea Academy graduate obviously lacks experience, I’m convinced he’s the best choice to start games in this position. Despite this, I will accept that I have made my judgement on a small sample size in terms of first-team games.

Stats, stats, stats!

Credit to @JKRegista

Stats and numbers can be useful tools in the modern game, no doubt. Quite a few of these figures actually back-up Jorginho’s contributions to the Chelsea side but I beg to differ. As seen in the above graph, Jorginho plays more final third passes than any other player who features. Now I won’t deny that that’s impressive, however what that graph doesn’t tell you is actually how effective those final third passes are. Performing a ‘successful’ pass isn’t technically that difficult, especially if the majority of them are directly to the feet of a player who is stood in acres of space. Jorginho’s passes rarely actually kickstart an effective attack and the intangible factors, such as speed, timing and exact placement of pass are hugely important. For maintaining possession Jorginho is excellent, but his passing quality has become massively overrated – the vast majority of balls he plays are safe, simple and often even slow to reach their target. As mentioned earlier, though, that doesn’t mean that Jorginho isn’t capable of the odd moment of magic. In order for this graph to be useful in that respect, it would need to use metrics which take in to account how many risky passes the players attempt, and what percentage of those actually reach their target.

“Regardless of what people think of Jorginho’s ability or usefulness on the field, he’d be a brilliant mentor to the likes of Ampadu and Gilmour in terms of movement and positioning”

The Chelsea Spot admin Tomas on Jorginho’s influence off the pitch. (@TomasBlackCFC)

Another intangible is off-the-field factors. I do believe that Jorginho can benefit the team in this sense. He’s clearly an intelligent player with good positional awareness and he does offer some good leadership qualities, hence why Frank Lampard made him vice-captain. The likes of Billy Gilmour, Ethan Ampadu and even Ross Barkley could potentially learn from Jorginho. I don’t think this is enough to save his position in the squad though. It’s easy to forget that Chelsea paid an eye-watering £55M for the Italian and no matter how good a teacher he may be to the younger players, that’s not good value. Besides, I reckon Frank Lampard is probably the better option when it comes to mentoring the young midfielders at the club – he is the best to ever play the position after all!

A game that is often brought to light during this debate is Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Arsenal in December. The Blues struggled in the opening half an hour of the game and ended up 1-0 down, until Lampard subbed off Emerson for Jorginho and the game completely changed. Chelsea took control of the game and went on to steal all three points at the Emirates, with Jorginho being praised for changing the game. He had a good game, no doubt, but what actually changed the game was the switch in system from 3-4-3 to 4-3-3. This formation change allowed Chelsea to regain control of midfield, and I think that regardless of which central player came on (Jorginho was definitely the best option) in replacement of Emerson, this would have been the case.

Chelsea players celebrate going 2-1 ahead against Arsenal. Image Source – The Statesman

Time to cash-in?

28-year-old Jorginho is in his prime years and will have a number of admirers across world football, so still holds some transfer value. Chelsea will struggle to make profit, or even break even if they do decide to sell the player – however, if a reasonable bid comes in, I believe Marina should grab her pen and sign off all the documents immediately.

“He (Jorginho) still has his limitations under Lampard’s system in which he isn’t as effective due to being higher up the pitch most of the time, and Frank is looking for a much more athletic team”

Chief-Editor of The Chelsea Spot Paree on Jorginho. (@ACParee)

Chelsea have moved on from the football played by Maurizio Sarri and while Jorginho is a good player, he’s just not suited to the flexible style of football that Frank Lampard’s team set out to play. With the Blues seemingly targeting the likes of Jadon Sancho amid reports that Roman Abramovich wants a ‘marquee’ signing, funds will need to be raised, especially with the COVID-19 epidemic effecting teams’ transfer budgets. Therefore, I believe that Jorginho’s time should be up at Chelsea, and if he were to leave then I’d wish him all the best.

That’s my opinion on Jorginho. To be honest this debate has been exhausted for about 18 months now, but I’m of the opinion that as Chelsea fans we should be able to see both sides of the discussion. Tweet us @TheChelseaSpot if you’d like to give your thoughts!