Who could leave Chelsea this summer?

Despite the current turbulent times, the transfer rumors don’t stop. Every day we hear different rumors about players linked to Chelsea or players who will possibly leave. In this article I want to show which player I realistically see departing the club this summer. It is important to know that I rely on certain media reports and that I give my own opinion on these reports.

Michy Batshuayi:

There is no other player that I am as sure of leaving as Batshuayi. Unfortunately, he never really integrated himself into Chelsea and never played a major role at the club. The Belgian was constantly on loan and this season he only knew how to disappoint. He definitely has no future at Chelsea and it’s just a question of where he goes and for how much. Apparently his former club Olympique Marseille are interested and I’m sure a club will be found for him. Chelsea will probably have to lower their demands on the transfer fee to find a buyer who is really willing to buy him or they risk loaning him out again.

Chance of leaving: 9/10


Kepa Arrizabalaga:

After an unconvincing season Kepa came under more and more criticism. There have been opinions argued that he should be sold this summer and someone like André Onana at Ajax should be brought in. However, I can imagine that Marina Granovskaia would not be very happy about this idea, as we have paid a record sum for a goalkeeper and we shouldn’t lose hope in him so fast. I don’t think it would be fair to write him off immediately and therefore I wouldn’t sell him this summer. I would give him at least one more season and if you believe the media reports then Chelsea want to get a goalkeeper with whom he has to fight for a place in the team, and not to replace him outright.

Chance of leaving: 3/10



Although Jorginho has repeatedly explained that he loves being at Chelsea, a move to Juventus seems not so unlikely. His old manager Maurizio Sarri would be reunited with the Italian international and it is known that Sarri is a big fan of him. Furthermore, Juventus is financially very strong so they could afford him without any problems. Alfredo Pedulla recently reported that a transfer to Juventus would be a strong possibility this summer. Chelsea are already looking for alternatives, which suggests that Jorginho could be leaving. Recently Jorginho’s agent said that there are two big clubs after him, so there are many options for him but a renewal is also possible. Despite everything, there are many components to consider. Only Jorginho knows what he wants and if he wants to go, I think Chelsea would be willing to let him go but I would be happy if he stays.

Chance of leaving: 5/10


N’golo Kanté:

Even though there has been a lot of speculation lately about whether Kanté will leave the club, I think he will stay. Many top clubs are said to be interested in him but at the same time it has been reported widely that Chelsea want to keep him and that he is very happy in London and would only leave if the Blues wanted him to go. His age and the many recent injuries he has suffered speak in favour of a transfer but I personally think we can still benefit from his qualities. Still, I maintain that Chelsea will not sell him.

Chance of leaving: 3/10


Emerson/Marcos Alonso:

Emerson was not convincing this season. That’s why he was often on the bench or not even in the squad. Lampard doesn’t seem to rate him either and so I think we would be willing to sell him. According to GOAL, Inter Milan, Juventus and Napoli are interested in him but it is also said that he is happy at Chelsea and that he wants to fight his way back into the team. It’s very unlikely that Chelsea are selling both their left backs at the moment, I would tend to think that Alonso leaves since it is known that he would like to leave Chelsea although he has received many playing minutes recently. I would like to keep Alonso because he is one of the best left wing backs in the world and he has more to offer than Emerson. Still, I think that Alonso is much more likely to leave the club than Emerson.

Emerson: Chance of leaving: 5/10

Alonso: Chance of leaving: 7/10


Pedro/Willian/Olivier Giroud:

The contract expires of all three players this summer but recently Di Marzio reported that Chelsea have extended the contract of Giroud until 2021. The Frenchman was close to a move to Inter Milan or Lazio in the winter but Chelsea couldn’t find a replacement for him so he stayed. With the extension with Giroud, it is still possible that he will leave for a low transfer fee similar to David Luiz, but it is also very possible now that he will stay for another season.

Willian and Pedro will most likely leave the club this summer. Willian has already mentioned in an interview on Brazilian TV that an extension with Chelsea is unlikely due to them not complying with his demands of a three year extension, and Pedro has played very few minutes for the Blues this season so a contract extension for the Spaniard would be very unlikely.

Pedro: Chance of leaving: 9/10

Willian: Chance of leaving: 8/10

Giroud: Chance of leaving: 4/10


As mentioned, these are my personal opinions about the rumors. If you have a different opinion, let us know in the comments below or at @TheChelseaSpot on Twitter or Instagram!


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