Who could leave Chelsea this summer?

Despite the current turbulent times, the transfer rumors don’t stop. Every day we hear different rumors about players linked to Chelsea or players who will possibly leave. In this article I want to show which player I realistically see departing the club this summer. It is important to know that I rely on certain media reports and that I give my own opinion on these reports.

Michy Batshuayi:

There is no other player that I am as sure of leaving as Batshuayi. Unfortunately, he never really integrated himself into Chelsea and never played a major role at the club. The Belgian was constantly on loan and this season he only knew how to disappoint. He definitely has no future at Chelsea and it’s just a question of where he goes and for how much. Apparently his former club Olympique Marseille are interested and I’m sure a club will be found for him. Chelsea will probably have to lower their demands on the transfer fee to find a buyer who is really willing to buy him or they risk loaning him out again.

Chance of leaving: 9/10


Kepa Arrizabalaga:

After an unconvincing season Kepa came under more and more criticism. There have been opinions argued that he should be sold this summer and someone like André Onana at Ajax should be brought in. However, I can imagine that Marina Granovskaia would not be very happy about this idea, as we have paid a record sum for a goalkeeper and we shouldn’t lose hope in him so fast. I don’t think it would be fair to write him off immediately and therefore I wouldn’t sell him this summer. I would give him at least one more season and if you believe the media reports then Chelsea want to get a goalkeeper with whom he has to fight for a place in the team, and not to replace him outright.

Chance of leaving: 3/10



Although Jorginho has repeatedly explained that he loves being at Chelsea, a move to Juventus seems not so unlikely. His old manager Maurizio Sarri would be reunited with the Italian international and it is known that Sarri is a big fan of him. Furthermore, Juventus is financially very strong so they could afford him without any problems. Alfredo Pedulla recently reported that a transfer to Juventus would be a strong possibility this summer. Chelsea are already looking for alternatives, which suggests that Jorginho could be leaving. Recently Jorginho’s agent said that there are two big clubs after him, so there are many options for him but a renewal is also possible. Despite everything, there are many components to consider. Only Jorginho knows what he wants and if he wants to go, I think Chelsea would be willing to let him go but I would be happy if he stays.

Chance of leaving: 5/10


N’golo Kanté:

Even though there has been a lot of speculation lately about whether Kanté will leave the club, I think he will stay. Many top clubs are said to be interested in him but at the same time it has been reported widely that Chelsea want to keep him and that he is very happy in London and would only leave if the Blues wanted him to go. His age and the many recent injuries he has suffered speak in favour of a transfer but I personally think we can still benefit from his qualities. Still, I maintain that Chelsea will not sell him.

Chance of leaving: 3/10


Emerson/Marcos Alonso:

Emerson was not convincing this season. That’s why he was often on the bench or not even in the squad. Lampard doesn’t seem to rate him either and so I think we would be willing to sell him. According to GOAL, Inter Milan, Juventus and Napoli are interested in him but it is also said that he is happy at Chelsea and that he wants to fight his way back into the team. It’s very unlikely that Chelsea are selling both their left backs at the moment, I would tend to think that Alonso leaves since it is known that he would like to leave Chelsea although he has received many playing minutes recently. I would like to keep Alonso because he is one of the best left wing backs in the world and he has more to offer than Emerson. Still, I think that Alonso is much more likely to leave the club than Emerson.

Emerson: Chance of leaving: 5/10

Alonso: Chance of leaving: 7/10


Pedro/Willian/Olivier Giroud:

The contract expires of all three players this summer but recently Di Marzio reported that Chelsea have extended the contract of Giroud until 2021. The Frenchman was close to a move to Inter Milan or Lazio in the winter but Chelsea couldn’t find a replacement for him so he stayed. With the extension with Giroud, it is still possible that he will leave for a low transfer fee similar to David Luiz, but it is also very possible now that he will stay for another season.

Willian and Pedro will most likely leave the club this summer. Willian has already mentioned in an interview on Brazilian TV that an extension with Chelsea is unlikely due to them not complying with his demands of a three year extension, and Pedro has played very few minutes for the Blues this season so a contract extension for the Spaniard would be very unlikely.

Pedro: Chance of leaving: 9/10

Willian: Chance of leaving: 8/10

Giroud: Chance of leaving: 4/10


As mentioned, these are my personal opinions about the rumors. If you have a different opinion, let us know in the comments below or at @TheChelseaSpot on Twitter or Instagram!


Chelsea’s centreback dilemma: Who should leave?

Chelsea are facing an important summer. After last year’s transfer ban and the winter transfer phase without a new arrival, Chelsea have been forced to step up their efforts in the summer to keep up with the clubs’ rivals. One of Chelsea’s problem areas it its central defense, as we saw this season. Chelsea are conceding way too many goals and this problem has appeased for a number of seasons now. The days when Chelsea were known for its strong defensive capabilities are over and this must change as soon as possible if Chelsea want to compete for titles. A change in the defence is therefore a must. In this article I want to show who I believe has a future at Chelsea and who should leave the club.

Andreas Christensen:

Christensen was under criticism at the beginning of the season but after the new year he was convincing and fought his way into the starting eleven. With his qualities he impressed in recent matches and is in my opinion currently the best centre back at the club. At only 24 years of age he still has room for improvement and is already a great player, he should definitely stay at Chelsea.

I recently wrote an article about where I go even deeper into his qualities and where I justify my high rating for him: HERE

Verdict: STAY

Fikayo Tomori:       

Tomori is one of the surprises of the season. Before the campaign began, he was expected to be loaned out to a Premier League club, but David Luiz’s departure ensured he remained at Chelsea. The fact that Lampard had allowed David Luiz to leave without a replacement is a testament to his confidence in Tomori, whom he coached at Derby County, where he became player of the year last season.

Tomori had to wait three games for his first appearance in the league. Against Sheffield United he got his chance and he impressed immediately, establishing himself in the team. This was followed by many games in the league until December when he suddenly lost his place in the side with Rudiger reaching match fitness. For me, it was surprising that he didn’t play much anymore. He had strong performances including the game against Liverpool in the league but he sometimes shows insecurities and he still has a lot to learn. For example, he sometimes loses the ball very easily in his own half and his positional play still needs to be improved. On the other hand, it must be said that he is still young (22-years-old) and his potential is visible.

He’s definitely a man for the future and he should stay at Chelsea.He was even the best centre back for a while this season and that shows very well what Lampard will think of him. Unfortunately he couldn’t convince recently, being out of the side, but I’m sure that he will develop into a great player.

Verdict: STAY

Image Source: Getty Images

Kurt Zouma:

After a strong season at Everton, Zouma returned to Chelsea in the summer. According to media reports, Everton were so pleased with him that a possible transfer was in the offing. But this idea became unlikely as Chelsea got a transfer ban, David Luiz left the club and Ethan Ampadu left on loan (Red Bull Leipzig). He played many games this season but he recently lost his place in the team to Christensen and Rüdiger.

I have mixed feelings about Zouma. In my opinion he is a good player but sometimes shaky. With his style of play, he doesn’t really fit in with Lampard’s football philosophy. When he gets under pressure, he usually just shoots the ball forward and can’t build up the game properly, that’s a big minus point. But I also see strengths in him. He is fast and physically dominant to many players, exactly what our defense lacks. He is also an experienced player in our team and has shown that he is a good footballer. At just 25-years-old he still has the best years of his career ahead of him and I would like to give him the chance to get back in his best form, like before the serious injury in the 15/16 season.

A new centre back wouldn’t hurt Chelsea, it would even help the rest of the players to get back into their best form and challenge them more. That’s why I would like to keep Zouma for the next season. I certainly see him as a better and more stable player than Rüdiger and I hope he will return to his old strength.

Verdict: STAY

Image Source: Getty Images

Antonio Rüdiger:

Finally we come to Rüdiger. Since his move from AS Roma in 2017 he has played many games and integrated well into the team. This season he missed most games due to his injury but he was in the starting eleven immediately after he was fit again. Lately he has been under criticism as Chelsea have conceded too many goals due to mistakes made by the German.

To be honest I’m not a big fan of Rüdiger and I realized pretty soon that he can’t solve our problems in the defense. He is a fast player and a leader but he doesn’t convince me on the pitch. With him in the defense I have the feeling that our team isn’t stable, that’s why I prefer for example Zouma in front of him. It has to be said that he still had good games but unfortunately not many. He has been shaky in many games and that brings insecurity to our defense. Just to give you an example, the last-minute goal against Newcastle was his fault as he didn’t cover his player. Although he is tall, aerial duels are not his strength as well as tackling. To be fair, one of his great strengths is his passing. But overall I see him as the worst centre back at the club and I would definitely sell him as I see Christensen, Tomori and Zouma as the better player than him.

Sky Sports reported that he is in negotiations with Chelsea to extend his contract that would possibly make a sale harder. It was also said that Bayern München and Dortmund are interested in him. If an offer comes in for him I would let him go and get a replacement with this money. I just don’t think that he is good enough for Chelsea.

Verdict: SELL

Image Source: Getty Images

If I could choose who should leave of our four centre backs to make way for a new player it would be Rüdiger. He couldn’t convince me during his time at Chelsea and he showed his weaknesses more often than the others. Whether he really goes seems currently unlikely and I guess and fear Zouma will leave Chelsea.

What would you do with our centre-backs? Is keeping all four an option? Let us know on our social media platforms!

Christensen: One for the future

For many fans it was clear that Andreas Christensen has no future at Chelsea not long ago, but after a difficult period at the beginning of the season he played his way back into the starting eleven and won the fans back. For me it was clear that it would be a big mistake to sell him, as I really rate him and see him a top defender. He is certainly a man for the future and one who has the potential to become a world class defender.

Christensen has had a tough time this season. He had a couple of games at the beginning of the season but then he lost his place to Tomori and Zouma. Many fans thought that he had no future at Chelsea and that he wouldn’t return, especially after Rüdiger returned from his injury. Many claimed he is a good player but not made for the Premier League as he was physically inferior to the players. I also believed that he wasn’t physically strong but he could make up for this with other qualities.

Image Source – Football.London

The Danish international is a very intelligent player. With Zouma, who shoots forward immediately when is under pressure, you can expect from Christensen to always be calm on the ball. His forward passes are accurate and lead to a good game build-up, exactly what Lampard wants from his defenders. So it was no wonder that Barcelona wanted him, who are often looking for central defenders with the ability to read the game and a good ball handling similar to Gerard Pique. Christensen is also fast and his positional play is good. With his 23 years he still has his best years ahead of him and can improve in every aspect of his game. But you can see that he is improving his major weakness – his physicality. Against Burnley he had no problems with covering the physically strong Chris Wood and he won several aerial duels against him. There is still room for improvement but that shows that he is regularly improving and takes the advice seriously.

John Terry even said about Christensen in 2014: “Believe me, I am sure that he will be a top footballer and one of the future men for Chelsea.” (Source: TV2 Sporten, per Sky Sports)

There was also interest of AC Milan in January according to the transfer expert “Di Marzio” but Lampard insisted that he will stay. That shows the faith that Lampard has in Christensen. He could have sold him after his poor performances and bought Aké for £40m but as it looks like he is in the plans of Lampard.

Andreas Christensen is a player that has to stay at Chelsea. He has the potential to become a world class player, he just needs game time. For me he is already the best centre back at Chelsea and has the chance to become a legend at Chelsea if he keeps improving. For me it would be a shame if the fans write him off and he becomes elsewhere a word class player as De Bruyne or Salah.

Leroy Sané: Alternative to Sancho

The summer transfer window is coming closer and rumours about possible new incomings are pilling up. One common name that keeps popping up is Jadon Sancho. He is currently one of the most exciting players in world football and his statistics are quite impressive, especially for someone who is just 19 years of age. (17 goals/19 assists in 35 games this season). So it’s no surprise that he’s wanted by several big clubs (among them Liverpool and Manchester United) but whether he will leave Borussia Dortmund at all this Summer is questionable, as circumstances make it difficult.

Therefore, Chelsea may have to look for alternatives to strengthen on the wing. It is very likely that both Pedro and Willian will leave the club in the Summer and there would only be two wide players left at the club (Pulisic and Hudson-Odoi). It’s not a question of whether a winger will be signed, but rather which one. Sancho is my top choice, but for the aforementioned reasons there must be alternatives and my personal first choice would be Leroy Sané.

Sané is such a talented player. His main position is the left wing, where he plays at Manchester City most of the time but he’s also able to play on the right where he played for Schalke, which is a big plus. Last season, he had 16 goals and 18 assists in 47 games in all competitions – that speaks for his fantastic offensive output. His main strengths are his pace and his dribbling, which can make him an unpleasant opponent for defenders in one vs one situations and cause real problems for the opposition defence. As a left-footed player he would definitely bring us a new dimension in the attack, as all of our current attacking players are right-footed. That could potentially make him a priority to sign over other targets. With Ziyech joining in the Summer, there would be a good balance between right-footed and left-footed attackers at the club. This is something that we haven’t had at Chelsea since the days of Arjen Robben and Damien Duff, when José Mourinho had so much success in his first season with the Blues.

Sané can make the difference in big games – for example the winner against Liverpool last season – and bring the necessary goal threat that our team lacks at the moment. His weaknesses include defensive work and also willingness to press, exactly what the tactics of Lampard often demand, but I think that Sané is adaptable and would be a huge improvement to our front line.

Image Source – Sky Sports

The German international was already on the verge of moving to Bayern Munich last Summer but he injured himself seriously in the Community Shield, making that transfer no longer an option. However, if you believe the media reports, then Bayern are still very interested in buying him and the fee being reported that would meet City’s valuation is €80m. Manchester City may be forced to sell him next summer if he doesn’t renew his contract, otherwise they would risk losing him on a free in 2021. Manchester City have also been suspended from the Champions League for two seasons, which could be a decisive factor in whether Sané extends his contract or not. The 24-year-old is a realistic option but it’s unlikely that City would be prepared to sell him to a Premier League rival and “the Telegraph” reported lately that it’s not impossible that he will renew his contract.

Nevertheless, a wing player is a must for Chelsea in the summer and Sancho is a wanted man by many other clubs. Chelsea have to look for alternatives and Sané is a player that I have always admired and enjoyed watching. If he becomes available, then Chelsea should do everything to get him as he would definitely help the club move forward – although admittedly, it’s highly unlikely Chelsea would be able to secure his signature.



Kepa: From hero to scapegoat

Since his move from Athletic Bilbao in 2018 for a fee of £72m, Kepa Arrizabalaga hasn’t convinced the fans that he was worth the money. After a solid first season with Chelsea, he hasn’t been able to build on the strong performances of last season. So it’s no wonder that some of the fans are criticizing him. Nevertheless, many supporters are very harsh and seem to forget what he is capable of.

It’s legitimate to criticize a player but fans often scapegoat him and blame him if the results aren’t going the way they should. For example, Kepa was held responsible for the last-minute goal against Newcastle or the goal against Arsenal (Bellerin), where I personally think he had no chance of saving these shots. Of course, he has made mistakes and had weak games, but this is no reason to turn against him. It appears that this season he has lost the self-confidence that he once had and the defence doesn’t help him either, especially with the frequent rotation of personnel. Obviously you can’t ignore his mistakes and I think a new goalkeeper should compete with him in the summer.

Kepa had solid first season. (image source: CTV News)

However, he has often shown his class, I remember the fantastic performance against Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League Semi Final, where he was the hero or the away game against Brighton in this season, where he saved us one point. But he lacks consistency and that’s why you can understand why he is so strongly criticized. So it was no surprise that Lampard put him on the bench for a few games. Against Liverpool (FA Cup) he got the chance to make his case to Lampard for the starting spot and he took the opportunity with a great performance. He has the potential, but with the inconsistent performances, it would be no surprise if Chelsea would strengthen the goalkeeper position in the summer. With Caballero probably leaving (contract expires in summer) Kepa would be the only experienced keeper at the club. A new goalkeeper could put pressure on Kepa which could lead to his performance improving and becoming more constant. It’s up to Kepa if he has any future at Chelsea.

However, Kepa doesn’t deserve to be treated badly by the fans or to be blame for every poor result in recent months. It simply is not fair when we celebrated him last season. Constructive criticism yes, but no scapegoating.